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1. I have invested in a medical billing and accounting software and I don't want to switch that program, how can I still use your paperless software?
If you are already using a medical billing program from another vendor and want to start using our transcription services to utilize HIPAA compliant medical record program, you can do it without any difficulty. Your current program and our paperless software run on different computers and perform different aspects of patient's transactions.

2. How can I dictate my notes & consultations in the system?
You can input the dictation via a digital recorder, or a toll free phone system, or you can even use pen tablets to directly dictate in to the system.

3. Do I require expensive hardware on my computer to qualify for using the paperless solution from ZYTX?
All you require is a fast Internet access and computer with an average functionality to get going. This is the area where your practice will save a lot as you will not be paying exorbitant support licenses fee and your staff will not lose valuable time and resources in fixing technical glitches that are so commonly associated with your current system.


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