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For Pharmaceutical Companies
F.A.C.T.S.™ provides the pharmaceutical companies with an accurate access to pre-qualified investigators and sites with other detailed information. Process flow reengineering tools to develop case report forms, select potential investigators, planning and conducting online video conferencing, maintaining regulatory study documents, tracking tools for patient's progress and drug accountability form the core of this HIPAA compliant application. Investigators, Site Coordinators, and Project Managers can effectively use our digitalized transcription services to furhter streamline research process.

ZYTX is working with Universal Biopharma to offer pharmaceutical companies with a HIPAA compliant, quality-enforcing-algorithms, and rapid deployment tool for designing and conducting Phase II - IV Clinical trials. Universal Biopharma, our strategic partner, is a multi-national Clinical Research Organization with a proven history of precise and dependable research work. Universal Biopharma has conducted research for leading drug companies from around the world.


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